Spanish Hyphenation

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Spanish Hyphenation

Post by pblasi » Thu Mar 12, 2015 11:58 am

I had been disapointed for a long time with spanish hyphenation working on stock kobo, but also on koreader and coolreader. In stock, hyphenation was very weak, splitting only a few words. With "(alan).pdb" files used by both koreader and coolreader, hyphens were more frequent, but they contained a lot of mistakes. I had almost lost any hope when, several months ago, a koreader build started including a new spanish hyphenation file, which is called "spanish.pattern", coexisting with "(alan).pdb". Well, this new "pattern" makes spanish hyphenation to be just perfect, frequent as a real printed book and without mistakes. And guess what, it works with coolreader too, just copying the file to "cr3/data/hyph/".

I think this hyphenation pattern is a must-have for spanish readers, so I would strongly recommend including it in coolreader builds. (after asking for permission or whatever if needed).

Here is the file: (I saw there is also a "greek.pattern" file. I include it too if any greek reader want to test it)

Spanish: ... sp=sharing
Greek: ... sp=sharing

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