Can install pbchess at Kobo Glo HD device

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Can install pbchess at Kobo Glo HD device

Post by KostasGR » Wed Mar 28, 2018 6:14 am

Hello, after the last update of Kobo Glo HD, I can’t install pbchess at my device.

I copied the launcher.png to my flash root directory, I unplug the device from my pc and when I open the device, I can’t see the launcher.png file, it’s like I didn’t copied it at all.

I tried to copy and the other files (Vlasovsoft and the .tgz file) the device reboots, makes the installation but the same problem, I can’t see anywhere the launcher file..

I am using pbchess a couple of years now, after a new release or firmware upgrade of my device I always delete and make a new fresh installation of the program but this time I have a problem.

Does anyone have the same problem? Thanks

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