Replacing "official" software KoboMini

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Replacing "official" software KoboMini

Post by Chris » Sat Feb 07, 2015 8:46 pm

...while its partly a matter of taste, I got fed up with the "official" reader (sloooow with large collections) and decided to remove it from the Kobo Mini's start up all together...

Here's basically what I did... ... -software/

Oh and by the way, looks like the Mini is no more, which is a great shame what with its great form factor and booting from removable media...!

If you like your mini... grab a spare off ebay while you still can!

There is one minor "bug" I've found with coolreader - if you go into standby for an extended period of time it sometimes doesn't update the time, the easy work around is simply to return to the launcher and then launch coolreader again, and the time is right...

While a full blown Linux "distro" is probably fairly pointless, I may well in future move all the software to /opt/vlasovsoft/ and have another look at the start up sequence again to see if I can further slim it down...

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