Translations files

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Translations files

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Hello sergeyvl.

I have translated the files for the new 2020.03 build into spanish. But there's some considerations:
1. I have merged the original spanish.ts files with the most complete russian.ts (I have respected the vanished and the obsolete items).
2. I have used all references for *.ui files for a better idea of where are used, and the context for the strings.
3. I have updated some terms of my before translation for to better understand what's the funtion.
4. I don't know the use of Delay number in screenshot configuration section, nor the meassure units used.

Also, would it be possible to include the referenced *.cpp files in *.ts files within the translation package? The preview of linguistic program are so useful for doing the job.

Thanks for your great job with pbchess and coolreader.
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