Low ELO engines for arm64

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Low ELO engines for arm64

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Although the Coach function is nice for us newbies, I prefer to use low ELO engines and reduce the ply depth if necessary to reduce the strength even further. As tutor, I use Stockfish 10 to analyse positions and understand why some of my moves were actually bad moves or as a kibitzer...
Some low ELO engines that work with pbchess for arm64 devices:

Sayuri 071016 (uci)
Olithink 5.31 (xboard)
BikJump 2.1p (uci)
Surprise 43 beta 13 (xboard)
Zevra 20180131 (uci)

To install the engines just create an uci and a xboard folder within the engines folder (typically ./Android/data/com.vlasovsoft.qtandroid/files/engines) and place the engine file accordingly. pbchess will recognize them the next time you launch it.

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